But is it Art?
Season 1, Episode 1
But is it art
Air date November 3, 2007
Written by Nicholas Hollander
Directed by Tom Ruegger
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Wassup Wasabi?
But is it art

Tako wondering why his paintings were not stolen.

But is it Art? is the first episode of Sushi Pack. It premired on November 3, 2007 and was paired up with Wassup Wasabi?.


In this episode, Tako is shown painting using his ability. He is flying around, and making a mess, while painting. Ikura comes in, and gets in Tako's way. He jumps out of the way when Tako acts like he is going to paint on him, but he actually paints a small octopus, which is probably his signature. Ikura asks how Tako got his paintings into the museum, and Maguro has a flashback, showing her using her ability to convince the museum owner to accept Tako's paintings. Soon after that, the Sushi Pack heads to the museum to find all the valuable paintings stolen. They notice that everything except for Tako's paintings are stolen. Then, it his him. As the museum owner states that everything of value was stolen, Tako wonders why his paintings are not stolen. He gets very frustrated, and states that his paintings are worthy of theft. The Sushi Pack heads out to retrieve the stolen paintings, when they are attacked. They are attacked by the paintings. The paintings trap Tako, Kani, and Maguro under heat lamps. This action causes Tako to think about his selfish actions, and he enters one of his thinking states.

Trivia Edit

  • There are a lot of references in this episode.
    • The Groaning Pizza is a reference to Mona Lisa.
    • The Shrieker is a reference to The Scream.
    • The Whistler's Goat is a reference to the Whistler's Mother.


Sushi Pack Episode 1a But Is It Art

Sushi Pack Episode 1a But Is It Art