Kani Maki
Kani maki
Chiara Zanni as Kani Maki
Gender Female
Ability The Pinch (Pinching With Her Pigtails)
Portrayer Chiara Zanni
First Episode "But is it Art?"
Last Episode "Fair Share For Sure"
Affiliation Sushi Pack
Known As Crabby Crab; The, Queen Crab
Location Wharf City

Kani Maki is a member of the Sushi Pack. She is a pink crab sushi. She has the ability to pinch with her pigtails.


Kani is shown to get angry easily, often claiming that someone or something is "making me angry/crabby." She is a rational thinker and is the group's personal inventor. She is the most angry person on the team. 

Physical DescriptionEdit

Kani has two pincers for pigtails. She has a pink sushi symbol on her chest and two sushi-bottomed feet. She appears as a roll of sushi when the team does their signature Sushi Roll. She is the second shortest member of her team, being taller than Wasabi, but shorter than Ikura.


Maguro Maki - They both are best friends, when the guys are doing something that interests them, Maguro and Kani are shown to spend time with each other.

Ikura Maki - Kani and Ikura are close friends, but she often complains about Ikura being a "cement-headed salmon" (Episode Darkness and Spice). Although she criticizes Ikura at times, the two have been shown to care for each other.

Tako Maki - They are both good friends, though they don't talk to each other much. 

Wasabi Pow - Kani often acts like a motherly figure to him, though she can get angry with him sometimes.

Uni- He might be Kani's rival and Kani shown sometimes Toro fight her the most than the other Legion of Low Tide. Kani hates him than the other Legion of Low Tide, sometimes she fought Toro and Mochi Mocchiato.

Official ProfilesEdit

AGKidZone Website: A klutzy Queen Crab who's always... well, crabby. She's thick-skinned and hard-shelled and ready to use her pinchers when confronted by an enemy.

Neopets Sushi Pack Promotional Website: She's a hard-shelled crab who's always cranky. Her vise-like pinchers help protect her in threatening situations but she also has a 'soft' side and will do anything to help her team out.