Low tide

The Legion of Low Tide attacking Wasabi.

The Legion of Low Tide is a pack of sea creatures that work together to cause evil and chaos in Wharf City.


  • Titanium Chef - A mean catfish who not only orders the Legion of Low Tide to fight dirty and scheme evil plots, and also manages the sushi bar they live in. (Adam Behr)
  • Toro - A very fat tuna who is not very smart. He is strong but gullible, and usually just follows along. (Vincent Tong)
  • Unagi - This mutated electric eel packs a ton of voltage. He's a slimy savage with an eye for detail. (Unknown)
  • Uni - An unstoppable sea urchin with a talent for scheming evil plots. He is one of the Sushi Pack's biggest threats. He has the ability to morph. (Unknown)
  • Fugu - A blowfish who can puff himself up to many times his original size. He's dead set on doing no good, and has an eye with video functions. (Scott McNeil)
  • Mochi Mochiato - This ball of ice cream can be very devious. One can never tell whether she is spying on them or really wants to be their friend, as seen in "Deep Freeze" when she befriended Maguro. She can freeze her enemies in their tracks. (Unknown)