Maguro Maki
Tara Strong as Maguro Maki
Gender Female
Ability Intense Concentration and Focus
Portrayer Tara Strong
First Episode "But is it Art?"
Last Episode "Fair Share For Sure"
Affiliation Sushi Pack
Known As Tough Tuna; The Other, Slightly More Girly, Unofficial Leader
Location Wharf City

Maguro Maki is a member of the Sushi Pack. She is a purple tuna sushi, and she is known for her psychic abilites and being the secondary unofficial leader of the group. She says "Good Morning Sleepy Tuna".


Maguro is shown to have leader-like qualities, and has very good reasoning skills. She has the ability to concentrate intensely, resulting in telekinesis and other abilities being used to their full potential.  She is also known to be very caring and sweet.  A little fact about Maguro is that she loves Mother Nature.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Maguro has two small fins on both sides of her head. She has a purple sushi symbol on her chest and two sushi-bottomed feet. She appears as a purple roll of sushi when the team does their signature Sushi Roll. She is the tallest of all of the Sushi Pack members.


Tako Maki - Maguro is second-in-command to Tako. They are often shown working out plans and giving commands together. Additionally, Maguro usually turns to Tako for assistance when she is unsure of what action to take next. Although the the two have been known to argue at times, they are still close to each other. They may have a love-hate relationship.

Kani Maki - Maguro and Kani are shown to be close friends. Whenever the boys of the Sushi Pack are off doing things that interest them, Maguro and Kani are shown to spend time with each other.

Ikura Maki - Maguro's level-headed and Ikura's hot-headed behaviors clash at times, but they are on good terms with each other.

Wasabi Pow - Maguro acts as a motherly figure to Wasabi and is always deeply concerned when he runs off.

Mochi Mochiato - Maguro befriended Mochi in the events of "Deep Freeze." Kani became jealous as a result. Mochi is not friends again with Maguro after the events on Deep freeze and became Maguro's rival but Mochi always loses because Maguro is more stronger on magic and Mochi only uses ice powers.

Official ProfilesEdit

AGKidZone Website: Maguro Maki is the Sushi Pack's spiritual guru. She is "in tune with her inner tuna" and tries to guide the others in higher forms of meditation.

Neopets Sushi Pack Promotional Website: Maguro is the other unofficial leader of the Pack and the glue that holds the group together. She is "in tune with her inner tuna" and uses her super-powered meditation skills to subdue her enemies.