Mochi Mocchiato is a frozen ball of rice coated ice cream who freezes her enemies in their tracks. The cause of her death is in the last ten episodes when Maguro use her telekinesis powers to throw Mochi far away, to which she becomes unconscious. Later she hadn't appeared again with Unagi, Toro,and Fugu. Near the end, it's finally told that Mochi had died along with her three friends. Uni had died too, but he escaped the first battle.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Mochi is candy coated, but cold as ice. She is a mochi with ice cream. She has rice sprinkled on her head, as a Mochi is known for being "The Rice Cake". She seems to be the smallest of her group, and the only female.


Mochi died against Maguro Maki in battle. Mochi's power almost killed Maguro, however Maguro's shield had deflected Mochi, killing her in the end.


Mochi's strongest power seems that it is ice, as she can create an ice wind that is powerful enough to completely freeze a person. In the Sushi Pack game Save our City, she uses that power in every level and in the ending.


Maguro Maki - Maguro had befriended Mochi in the events of "Deep Freeze." Despite becoming friends, they were still rivals at heart and still battled eachother. Maguro finally finished her off when Mochi's attack at Maguro backfired in the finale, ending Mochi's life.

Kani Maki - As a result of Mochi and Maguro's friendship, Kani became extremely jealous of their relationship together. However, she also became friends with Mochi eventually. Like Maguro, Kani is still a rival to Mochi for the sake of the pack.