"Five finger foods of freedom!"

Tako Maki speaking to Police Chief.

Tako Maki
Tako maki
Rick Adams as Tako Maki
Gender Male
Ability Shoots Multi-colored Ink
Portrayer Rick Adams
First Episode "But is it Art?"
Last Episode "Fair Share For Sure"
Affiliation Sushi Pack
Known As Artsy Octopus; The Unofficial Leader
Location Wharf City

 Tako Maki is a leader of the Sushi Pack. He is a blue octopus sushi. He has the ability to shoot multi-colored ink.


A complex, charming and artistic octopus. He's a suffering, frustrated, misunderstood sushi who uses his ink-squirting capabilities for the peaceful expression of art. His main rival is Fugu, Tako had a big rivalry with Fugu as a leader he had what it takes to fight him and both of their power almost the same.


Tako has a love for art, especially with his ability, but has no real talent for this past-time. He wears an eye-patch, and has a self-absorbed personality. Although he is very self-absorbed, in real predicaments of trouble, he thinks about what is right and not just good for him.

Thinking StatesEdit

Tako often enters a thinking state, where he reflects on the current situation by have a bunch of his heads float around, that are most likely his conscience.